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Entoleter's CentriField® Wet Scrubbers and Wet Electrostatic Precipitators have been used to solve a wide variety of tough emission problems. We're ready to work with you and use this experience to provide the solution for your requirements.

All Entoleter Air Pollution Control Equipment is custom built to assist you in meeting present regulations. Our in-house engineers and manufacturing specialists take pride in delivering solutions to help your business comply with stringent air quality regulations.

Contrasted to traditional technology, CentriField Scrubbers require less than half the pressure drop to accomplish the same or better degree of particulate removal while using half the water. Another feature is its ability to remove particulates and absorb gases in the same scrubbing stage.

With no moving parts, mesh pads, nozzles, packing, or chevrons, a CentriField is virtually maintenance free. CentriField® Wet Electrostatic Precipitators are used following scrubbers to remove sub-micron particulates and acid gases. The unique feature of the CentriField WESP is a continuous stream of water cleaning the collection tubes. This design feature eliminates the need to periodically shutdown for cleaning.

Entoleter equipment has been used for the past forty years with great success in a wide variety of industries. Click here to learn how Entoleter Air Pollution Control Equipment can help your business conform to ever tightening Clean Air regulations.