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For the last half-century, centrifugal force technology has served numerous industries. Entoleter is your authority in this technology. Whatever your needs, we can customize a solution. Give us a call or click here for more information on the toughest, longest lasting equipment in the industry.

Centrifugal impact mill technology can be applied in vastly diverse industries. Entoleter's Centrifugal Impact Mill (CentriMil
®) will pulverize, mix, and deagglomerate a wide range of materials, including chemicals, pigments, pharmaceuticals, and cleaning powders, as well as foodstuffs and food ingredients.

In the corn wet milling industry, an Entoleter CentriMil will recover significantly more starch per bushel of corn than competitive technologies. The increased starch recovery can amount to an additional one pound per bushel of corn, or 18 kg per metric ton. This is equivalent to 27 metric tons per day of additional starch based on a corn grind rate of 1,350 metric tons per day, which is the maximum corn grind capacity of the Series 60 CentriMil.

In the gypsum industry, CentriMils are used to increase the specific surface area (cm2/gram), or Blaine, of calcined gypsum. Blaine levels as high as 12,000 can be achieved using CentriMils. Reduced gypsum and water requirements result in a faster setting board which is stronger and up to 30% lighter, resulting in greatly reduced shipping / transportation costs. The Series 60 will process up to 100 metric tons / hour of gypsum.

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