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For over 60 years, the Entoleter Infestation Destroyer (E.I.D.®) has been used for the treatment and prevention of insect growth in various milled grains and flour. Entoleter's continuing improvements in technology and machine design have made this option more economical than ever for mills of all sizes.

After extensive testing at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, the U.S. Department of Agriculture documented the Entoleter Infestation Destroyer's capabilities. Since those tests in the early 1940's, thousands of E.I.D. installations worldwide have confirmed the E.I.D. provides a 100% effective kill rate.

To keep pace with an ever rising world population, flour mill capacities are constantly being increased to meet this demand. To meet the miller's production requirements, Entoleter offers a new generation of larger capacity mills. The design of a new generation of Entoleter Infestation Destroyers encompasses all of the positive performance characteristics of the original design, but is sized to fit the needs of the modern milling industry. The highly refined processing elements of the original configuration have been fully retained to insure continued outstanding performance.

As a leader in the industry, Entoleter advanced the technology to clean whole grain using centrifugal force and aspiration. The Entoleter Scourer-Aspirator (E.S.A.®) is now standard equipment in flour mills around the world. The E.S.A.'s centrifugal impact action effectively cleans dry and tempered wheat and other grains. Grain is hurled against impact pins, dislodging hulls, grease, dirt, rodent hair, wheat beards, and bees' wings, as well as destroying internal and external insect life.

The "impact action" of the unit can be controlled for either deeply infested grain or grain that is relatively clean. The result is minimum grain breakage and minimum fragment count. After impact, grain is thoroughly scoured in a swirling action against the conical inner surface of the scourer casing and discharged into the aspirator section.

Grain is dispersed against the housing in a very thin layer. Uniform air velocity throughout the aspirator separates the debris with maximum efficiency and carries it to the dust collector. In many cases, the cleaning produced by this equipment improves the yield and lowers the ash.

However, WE DO MORE THAN KILL BUGS! While Entoleter has earned a worldwide reputation in grain cleaning, its machines are capable of doing far more.

The proven capabilities of Entoleter's centrifugal force impact milling machines in the agricultural industry makes it a world-recognized leader in providing safe, economical, and effective equipment for mills of all sizes.

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