Entoleter LLC has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing size reduction and air pollution control equipment since 1940. Many features that were originally pioneered by our company are now accepted as industry standard worldwide. Entoleter’s long experience with material size reduction, size control, and environmental processes has produced an extensive line of service-proven, self-contained package units.

Paying strong attention to defining the real needs of our customers forms the basis of Entoleter's philosophy. Our sales and engineering staffs combine to provide simple solutions for even the most difficult processing problems. Entoleter can custom design products to meet the most exacting specifications.

Custom design is our strength. Our in-house engineering department will work with you to modify machine designs to fit your exact needs. Then, our skilled craftsmen will build your special machine to the exacting standards for which Entoleter has long been famous.

Reliability? With appropriate levels of maintenance, Entoleter machines are still operating after 50 years on the job! And – if your Entoleter machine ever requires service, the plans for every machine ever built are still on file!! Just imagine the savings you'll enjoy when replacement parts can be crafted to original plan specifications to return the machine to "like new" operating condition!

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